Repairing Your Life

Repairing Your Life

How To Reclaim Your Carpeting Following A Flood

Hanna Byrd

Have you experienced a flood in a carpeted area? Flooding can happen for a variety of reasons, from bad weather to bad plumbing. Either way, you need to act fast if you want to recover your carpeting. Carpeting can seem just fine following a flood but still be moist within. A moist carpet is a damaged carpet. Not only could the carpet become discolored and develop an odor, but it could also become moldy and thus hazardous.

Block Off the Affected Area

When carpeting is wet, it can be easily warped and stretched. You should always block off any areas affected by water; do not let anyone walk across them. Ideally, you should also move any heavy items off of the carpet, such as sofas and other furniture. 

Perform a Water Extraction

A water extraction should be done with a commercial water extracting unit. Flood restoration and clean up crews will have the equipment necessary. There are water extractors that you can rent at most home improvement stores, but it may simply be easier to go through a flood restoration company.

Lift the Carpet for Drying

Carpet is secured through the use of tack strips, which are generally only around the perimeter of the room. Carpet can be gently lifted from these strips without damaging your floor or the carpet itself. You may want to lift the affected area or even the entire carpet and then hang it so that it can dry out completely following the manual water extraction. The carpet can then be placed back down once it is thoroughly dried and disinfected.

Replace the Carpet Padding

Carpet padding is almost always a loss after serious flooding. This is even more true if it was a waste water or storm water flood, rather than involving clean water. Even water-resistant carpet padding will soak up water during a flood, and it will be almost impossible to dry it out completely before it can develop mold or mildew. Luckily, carpet padding is usually fairly inexpensive to replace. Once the carpet has been lifted, it's a trivial process.

For larger or more serious flooding, it's a good idea to call flood restoration experts. Remember, flooding can cause damage that you can't necessarily see. The flood water may penetrate your walls and foundation, which can lead to structural problems and other expensive issues. Restoration experts will be able to help in recovering your carpet in addition to the rest of your home.


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