Repairing Your Life

Repairing Your Life

Did Your Family Photos Get Damaged In A Flood? Learn How To Save Them

Hanna Byrd

Having water flood in your home can be absolutely devastating. While you can easily replace appliances, carpeting, and furniture, there are some things that you simply cannot replace if they get ruined. This includes family photo albums that got submerged in water. Photographs can easily be damaged by water, but it is possible to salvage them if you follow these tips.

Act Fast

Time is definitely not on your side when it comes to saving photos damaged by water. This is because colors can run and cause photos to become blurry or unrecognizable.

You should rinse off the photo as soon as possible, then allow them to air dry. If you are unable to deal with your photos right away, you should take some steps to prevent the water from causing more damage. Rinse them off, place them inside a sealed plastic bag, and store them in your freezer. It may seem weird, but it will actually stop the ink from running off the photos.

Be Careful

The purpose of rinsing a photo is to get rid of any debris or dirt that got onto the photo from the floodwater. You must carefully rinse off your photos though. Use very light water pressure for removing any debris, and avoid touching the photo's surface with your hands. It can cause the photo's ink to smudge or bleed.

Air Dry The Photos

Once all the photos are rinsed, you will need to lay out all the photos so they can dry. Use flat surfaces, and make sure that the photos are not overlapping. The process should not be rushed either, so don't use your blow dryer to try to make them dry faster. It can cause the ink to run and the photo paper to curl and become brittle.

Placing the photos on a towel will help absorb water instead of causing the photo to lay in a puddle. Change the towel if necessary if you notice that it is saturated with water.

You should never let the photos dry under natural sunlight either, since the sun can cause the photo to fade.

If you are worried that you cannot save your photos on your own, don't be afraid to call professional help. A water damage restoration services company specializes in this sort of job and could be the best chance you have at saving your cherished family photos instead of losing them forever.


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