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Repairing Your Life

Three Myths About Water Damage

Hanna Byrd

Water damage can quickly cause extensive damage to occur to your home. However, it is an unfortunate reality that there are many people that are not informed when it comes to this type of routine home damage. This can lead to individuals assigning credit to some myths about what to expect when responding to this type of problem. By learning the reality about these common water damage myths, you should find yourself in a better position to respond when water damage strikes your home.

Myth: Homeowner's Insurance Will Always Cover Water Damage

There are many individuals that assume that their homeowner's insurance will always cover the cost of repairing water damage. However, this is far from the case, as it will often depend on the source of the water damage. For example, if the damage occurs due to storm-related flooding, your standard homeowner's insurance is unlikely to cover it without a flood addendum. In instances where the damage stems from a plumbing issue, the degree of coverage you enjoy will depend on the details of your homeowner's policy. Damage to the sewer line can be a perfect example of this variability, as some policies will cover this damage while others will not.

Myth: Any Materials With Water Damage Will Have To Be Replaced

There is a common misconception among many individuals that any items that suffered flood damage will need to be replaced. However, this is not always the case as it may be possible for a water extraction company like Servpro Of South Elkhart Co to extract water from carpet, drywall, and many other materials. In order to avoid needing to replace damaged items, you will need to contact these professionals as soon as possible so that they can extract the water before it leads to mildew, mold, and rotting.

Myth: The Steps For Repairing Water Damage Are Always The Same

Many homeowners are under the impression that the steps for repairing water damage will always be the same. However, this is not the case when the water that flooded the house contained sewage. When this is the case, it is possible for harmful bacteria to contaminate much of the home. As a result, repairing this type of damage will require extensive sanitizing of the house. Failure to properly sanitize the home could cause you or your loved ones to develop a number of potentially serious health problems due to this exposure. While this extensive sanitizing will significantly add to the cost of repairing the water damage, it is a small price to pay for avoiding the risk of exposure to harmful bacteria from the sewage.


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