Repairing Your Life

Repairing Your Life

Three Answers To Basic Foundation Damage Questions

Hanna Byrd

A compromised foundation is a serious problem that will require immediate attention. Yet, there are homeowners without the thorough understanding that is needed to be able to effectively manage this type of problem. If you have given your foundation little thought, you might want to learn more about this important part of your home.

How Will A Professional Determine Whether Foundation Damage Has Occurred?

There are some warning signs that can indicate that your home has suffered foundation damage, but it will take an experienced professional to be able to confirm that this is the case. To do this, these individuals will need to excavate some of the soil away from the foundation. This will allow them to visually inspect parts of it to look for signs of damage. This analysis may be combined with sonograms and other types of imaging technologies to give the contractor a solid understanding of the source of the damage.

How Soon Should Foundation Issues Be Corrected?

When your home is suffering from foundation damage, you will need to act quickly if you are to prevent this damage from rapidly worsening. Sadly, there are some homeowners that will fail to take prompt action in response to their foundation damages, and this can expose them to a much greater risk of their property suffering serious and extensive damage that will greatly complicate the foundation repair process and increase the cost of this work. In extreme cases, it can be possible for the foundation damage to be severe enough that the entire house may collapse. Therefore, you should seek out professional help with repairing your foundation as quickly as possible.

Can You Prevent Foundation Problems From occurring In The First Place?

Repairing a damaged foundation can be somewhat expensive and disruptive. This makes it important for you to be proactive in preventing this type of damage from occurring to your property. One of the more effective steps for reducing the risk of foundation damage is to ensure the runoff from rain can easily drain away from the home. When runoff drains towards a house, it can erode the soil under it, cause moisture to seep into the concrete foundation or a host of other issues. Directing runoff is not as complicated as you may think as a basic system of gutters, drain tiles and ditches can do most this for you. Additionally, ensuring that there are plenty of small plants near your home can also help with this as the plants will absorb much of the runoff.


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